Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Roll on the Wandering Monster Table

Welcome, this is the future home of my blog The Wandering Monsters.  As a kid my first experience with being a geek came quite early at the age of 5 I played my very first game of Pong.  This moment transformed me from the "running around outside" kid I was up until that point to the "just one more game" I was moving forward.  Luckily for my health I was restricted to arcades and neighbours but the seed was sown and a geek was born.  By the time I was 7 I had an Intellivision and my father seeing how much I loved my Dungeons & Dragons Intellivision game in some misbegotten hope it would get me playing with others in some normal fashion brought me home the Red Box (cue ominous music).  The Red Box was the starter set for Dungeons & Dragons not advanced, second edition or what ever but straight up old school Tom Hanks goes crazy and kills his sister in a sewer Dungeons & Dragons.  To my joy they even recently re-released it coming to the realization that people LOVE nostalgia (you can buy your own copy or read more about it here).

So what does any of this have to do with my Blog?  Well, in the Red Box there was a table, it was a table that all players dreaded, the Wandering Monsters Table.  When you went out in to the woods one day your level 1 Elf (since it was a class back then) or your level 1 Wizard had a lot more to worry about than anthropomorphized bears made of felt enjoying a nice meal in the sun.  They had the Wandering Monster Table to contend with, you never know what you would get.  And if you had a particularly unforgiving DM this could end in a total party kill if you rolled too high.  This blog is like that table, you never know what you're going to get (though there will be much less death).  This is going to be a collection of essays and reviews on topics that strike my fancy.  I will be seeking contributions from friends who's opinions I appreciate and eventually (to carry forward a theme) if I roll correctly on the encounter table maybe even a podcast.

So watch this space, updates will be coming soon, my first three articles look to be A Dissection of Comedy as how it relates to The Boobs Song from The Oscars, South Park, and the art of the "Act", Why I Hate Scientology, and a review of Farcry 3.  I hope I entertain.

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